BACL COVID-19 Statement:
"We Remain Cautiously Optimistic About the 2020 Season"


April 16, 2020

Dear Players Parents Coaches and Fans,

Thank you for your patience as we all try and navigate this unprecedented situation. In a time of so much uncertainty, it is common to look for a sense of reassurance as well as sources of strength. The BACL is here to help give some balance and stability to the future of your families and ball players. We want to ensure that the Summer of 2020 is safe and productive while continuing to serve our community.

While much uncertainty about the future remains, we remain cautiously optimistic about the 2020 BACL summer season. All eight teams stand together and are committed to playing baseball this summer. Individual games, particularly games scheduled for the beginning of the season, will likely be impacted as a result of the virus. We recognize that our expertise is in baseball, not public health and safety, so we will not make any predictions about the future. Our approach will be to stay ready to take the field if and when our local municipalities deem the baseball fields are safe enough to rent for baseball activities. We stand by ready to make any adjustments needed to promote the health and safety of our players.

As of now, if early season games must be cancelled then those games will be considered ties and we will continue the season as planned. If the impact to our season is more severe and all of June is cancelled but July is still open, we will adapt and play an abbreviated one-month season. We are excited that if we do find ourselves in this situation we can be creative and play a tournament-style season. Less quantity, more quality. Regardless of where we end up, we will continue to control what we can control which is the quality of the baseball experience and our attitudes going forward.

We hope that all your family members and loved ones are safe and we express our sincere appreciation for the healthcare workers and first responders.

Thank you,

Dan Palladino
Bay Area Collegiate League, President
San Mateo Rounders, General Manager
Phone: (650) 200-8621 | Email: